Wolfgang Kober

Wolfgang Kober, Ph.D.

Data Fusion Corporation




            University of Colorado, B.A. in Mathematics, 1969.

            University of Colorado, M.S. in Mathematics, 1971

            University of Colorado, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1976





Data Fusion Corporation (DFC)

President (Jan. 1992-Present)


Dr. Wolfgang Kober has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado Boulder.  He has almost 40 years of industrial experience. Most of Dr. Kober's previous work has been in support of signal processing and optimization applications for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).  These included supporting major defense-related projects while he was at Control Data Corporation and Lockheed Martin.


In 1992, he co-founded Data Fusion Corporation (DFC), which he continues to lead to this day.  He has produced over 100 technical documents, including reports, papers, and book chapters. At DFC he has directed projects for 24 years in multiple technical areas involving signal processing and optimization including:


·       GPS interference detection, mitigation, & characterization,

·       Multiple-target radar tracking,

·       Electronic warfare (EW) signal processing,

·       Coded waveforms for synthetic aperture radar (SAR),

·       Sensor management,

·       Geometric invariants for image processing,

·       Hyperspectral (HSI) image processing,

·       Video image processing,

·       Domain-specific processing of close-captioned text in video,

·       Selected applications in Big Data processing.

In 2001 he co-founded a commercial spin-off, TensorComm, for CDMA cell-phone applications based on DFC's work in GPS interference mitigation. 





VEXCEL Corporation

Vice President of Contract Development (1987 - Oct. 1991)


Was involved in obtaining contracts for, and management of, image processing applications.  Relevant projects include:


·       SAR shape-from-shading to support NASA Magellan Mission and SAR shape-from-shading using quadpole polarimetric SAR;

·       expert system for determination of SAR image control to estimate sensor platform position;

·       SAR-optical image registration, sub-pixel registration, change detection;

·       Expert system for target recognition;

·       Requirements definition for EOS workstation;

·       Real-time photogrammetry for tracking human mandibular motions;

·       Integrated hardware/software system for border reconnaissance system;

·       Requirements definition for visualization environment to support high-dimensional imaging spectrometry;

·       Array generalization of SAR for target recognition.

Specific activities included proposal preparation and project management.


University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado

Graduate Faculty Instructor (Summer 1984 - Spring 1985)


·       Taught graduate courses in analytic queuing and reliability theory, digital controls and signal processing.  This was in addition to full-time employment at CTA and AST.


Advanced System Technologies, Inc. (AST)

Senior Engineer (1985 - 1987)


·       Responsible for computer performance analysis of the FAA’s Advanced Automation System involving extensive validation of response time requirements and evaluation of proposed system designs.  Participated in development and analysis of a discrete-event simulation of the Host Computer System (HCS) for the FAA.  Performed study for IBM on processing requirements to support robotics and expert systems for the NASA Space Station.  Heavily involved in SDI fire-control issues during pre-proposal activities with Martin-Marietta.  Participated in a Phase I SBIR for the Navy to develop an expert system for performance analysis of embedded real-time software.


Computer Technology Associates, Inc. (CTA)

Senior Engineer (1983 - 1985)


·       Participated in the performance analysis of the 9020D computer system for the FAA.  Responsible for the design of environmental simulation for the NEXRAD Weather Radar V&V simulator.  Responsible for the development of a satellite dynamics and attitude estimation testbed.  Participated in the definition of a generic data base for DOD CIG flight simulators.


Martin-Marietta Corporation

Senior Engineer (1981 - 1983)


·       Responsible for performing signal processing analysis on a classified project.  On an anti-submarine warfare IRAD, was the image processing lead.  Responsible for image processing section of IRAD concerning detection of ballistic missile plumes and fire control.


Control Data Corporation

Senior Programmer/Analyst (1976 - 1981)


·       Responsible for digital image registration, digital SAR radar systems analysis, digital radiographic fault detection, mathematics of projection and epipolar geometry of mapping sensors, and pattern recognition applications automated 3-D reconstruction of imaged urban scenes.  Project Manager of the Autonomous Terminal Homing Project.



University of Colorado

Teaching Associate (1972 - 1976)


·       Taught calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, linear programming, probability and trigonometry.


Denver Minerals Exploration Corporation

Staff Analyst (Summer 1974)


Performed photo interpretation of Landsat imagery for mineral exploitation.




Previously have had TOP SECRET//SI/TK, FS Polygraph (NSA), currently DOD SECRET.




Multiple issued patents.




Over 100 technical reports and publications.




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