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                                    Rice UniversityHouston, Texas

1977                            Ph.D. in Geology

1965                            Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering

1964                            Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemical Engineering


                                    Honors, Fellowships - Special Projects:


                                    Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 1969, 1970

                                    ~Geological field and laboratory research, Ph.D. thesis, 1966-71

                                    ~National Science Foundation Travel Grants to Turkey, 1967, 1968, 1969

                                    ~Fellowship, National Defense Education Act, 1966-1969

                                    ~Sigma Xi Award, 1966

                                    ~Teaching Assistantship-Rice University, 1965-66


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE__________________________________________________________


1998 – Present                        Independent Producer and Geological Consultant


1987 – 1998                Arrington CJM, Inc. - Canadian, Texas

                                    Chief Geologist

·       Generate oil and gas prospects.

·       Prepare the prospects for sales to potential investors.

                                 ·    Sell prospects to oil industry & non-oil industry investors.

·       Answer technical questions from investors.

·    Design evaluation procedures for prospects (i.e., select location, mud logging, electric log suite, coring and sample evaluation).

                                    ·    Perform well-site work.

·       Log the wells and recommend zones from completion.

                        ·    Recommend completion procedures.

                                    ·    Evaluate submitted acreage and prospects.

                                    ·    Coordinate seismic processing, 2D and 3D.

                                    ·    In-house seismic interpretation.



1984 – 1987                Kiska Oil Company – Tulsa, Oklahoma

                                    Vice President, Exploration

·       Served on the Board of Directors and member of  the five-man Executive Com­mittee, which created company policy.

·       Managed an exploration staff consisting of two geologists, plus clerical and geo-tech assistance.

                                    ·    Prepared the exploration budget.

·           Sold prospects generated by sources outside the company for company participation.

                                    ·     Responsible for seismic data acquisition and interpretation.

                                    ·     Handled farm-in and farm-out negotiations.

                                    ·     Generated prospects.

                                    ·     Performed some well-site work.

                                    ·     Logged wells and recommended zones for completion



1982 – 1984                Twin Eagle Petroleum Corporation – Tulsa, Oklahoma

                                             Chief Geologist, Assistant Secretary

·   Generated prospects for the company to drill (prospects were primarily oil prospects in South Central and Eastern Oklahoma).

                                    ·     Handled various negotiations for farm-in and farm-out.

                                    ·     Hired and supervised one geo-tech.

                                    ·     Answered various investor questions.

                                    ·     Compiled prospect brochures and sold prospects.

                                    ·     Evaluated submitted acreage.

                                    ·     Provided support geology for outside acquired acreage.

                                    ·     Logged wells and recommended zones for completion.

                                    ·     Performed well-site work.



1981 – 1982                Moseley Production Corporation – Dallas, Texas

                                    Office Manager & Exploration Manager, Mid-Continent Region

·     Generated petroleum exploration prospects in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas Panhandle and Ardmore Basin.

·       Evaluated submitted prospects and acreage.

                                    ·     As authorized by Clarkson P. Moseley:

a)   Purchased and subscribed for geological maps, infor­mation, and logs.

b)   Employed and discharged professional, clerical, and secretarial personnel for the Tulsa office.

                                     c)   Committed MPC to purchase and/or sell exploration ideas, oil and gas leases, seismic information, and related materials.

d)     Actively sought lawful sales of undivided interests in exploratory prospects owned by MPC.


1978 – 1981                Vulcan Energy Corporation – Tulsa, Oklahoma

                                    Vice President/Chief Geologist

                              ·    Generated prospects for the company to drill.

                                    ·     Handled majority of farm-in and farm-out negotiations.

                                    ·     Supervised land acquisitions.

                        ·     Supervised contract landman; hired and supervised one


                                    ·     Handled investors and answered their inquiries.

                                    ·     Evaluated submitted acreage.

                                    ·     Provided support geology for outside acquired acreage.

                                    ·     Logged wells and recommended zones for completion.

                                    ·     Performed well-site work.


PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS_________________________________


·   Publications include:

   - Lake Brownwood Spillway

   - Stratigraphy and Structure of the Western Munzer Mountains, Eastern Central Turkey

   - General Aspects of the Hunton Group in the Western End of the Anadarko Basin

   - Arrington Hunton Field, Hutchinson County, Texas

   - West Arrington Morrow Field, Hutchinson County, Texas

-  Stimulation Fluid Development and Applied Fracturing  Model Improves Results, Morrow       Sandstone, Hutchinson County, Texas, SPE 29555.

·      Over 100 successful prospect brochures.

·      One patent.

·     One Oklahoma State Supreme Court decision published.  Two other Oklahoma Supreme Court decisions won.